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January 17-18, 2015

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This weekend the Jr. Raiders traveled throughout the Midwest to compete in various tournaments. Saturday, 13 wrestlers participated in Tulsa for the national title. Congratulations to:
12 and Under – 92lbs. – James Pierandozzi – Champion
12 and Under – 100lbs. – Ashton Breen – 6th Place (First time competing)
15 and Under – 125lbs. – Baylor Fernandes – 2nd Place
15 and Under – 285lbs. – Ronald Tucker – 2nd Place
Sunday, Xevion Rolle and Marcus Poe traveled to Chesterton, Indiana to represent the Jr. Raiders at the Folk Style Opening. Xevion had a strong 3rd place win and Marcus took 1st against some serious competitors. Next we head to our state capital in Springfield for the Kids Open where 5 Jr. Raiders wrestled and all 5 placed. Congratulations to:
7 & 8 U – Colin Kacena – 1st Place
7 & 8 Z – Michael Major – 1st Place
11 & 12 V – Gavin Jones – 4th Place
Novice Elite 84lbs. – Robert Major – 6th Place
Senior Elite 84lbs. – Kaleb “KK” Thompson – 1st Place
We end our battle claim in Iowa where both Jean-Luc & Guiseppe take 1st place in the Rising Knights Wrestling Tournament.
Outstanding job to all wrestlers who competed and represented us proudly. RaderNation!!!
For complete tournament details visit our teampage website.
Tulsa –
Kids Open –

Midwest Classic Recap

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For the 2nd year in a row the Junior Raiders came home with a 2nd place finish at the Midwest Classic Elite Tournament. 21 wrestlers competed at this years event in Tinley Park and 14 of the boys came home with medals, 7 wrestlers made it to the finals and 4 won the individual title. Michael Major lost a decision to one of the countries best youth wrestlers in the 55lb bracket. Conor Smetana lost a close decision in the finals seconds of the 66lb bracket. Anthony Schickel lost a decision to Dean Hamiti of Martinez Elite in the 79lb final. Corey Sapp made it to the finals in the 122lb bracket and lost a close decision to Michael Gunther from the Wrestling Factory. Jimmy Pierandozzi won his 1st Midwest Classic title in the 89lb weight class by pinning his opponent in the finals. Dylan Burnoski beat Connor Gaynor in the 95lb bracket to capture his 1st title. Baylor Fernandes dominated his opponents to capture the 130lb title and winning his second elite title of the year! Ronald Tucker (Hwt) won the tournament before the event started, his opponents figured they had no chance so they chose not to attend! Rounding out the action was Caleb Koldan 3rd place, Jacob Dado 3rd, Ashton Breen 4th, Conor Colbert 4th, Jake Mensik 5th, and Matt Ramos 5th. Great job RAIDERS!

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Naperville Invitational Recap

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I would like to congratulate our wrestlers that competed in the Naperville Invitational this past weekend. 16 wrestlers made the short trip to our neighboring town and the results were the best this season! 15 of the 16 wrestlers were in the finals, and 12 wrestlers took 1st place!!!!!!!!! Champions yesterday were Devin Aguirre, Jalen Aguirre, Frank Berardi, Andrew Dado, Jean-Luc Guerra, Dominic Hargrove, Ryan Krestel, Jacob Mumm, Marcus Poe, Ison Robinson, Xevion Rolle, and Aiden Villar. This was the 2nd tournament that these boys competed as a group and the second time they dominated an event. GO RAIDERS!


Congratulations to King Select and the Bolingbrook Jr. Raiders for placing 3rd (22 teams) and 2nd (19 teams) Place in the Elementary and Middle School Border Wars National All Star Duals in Battle Creek, Michigan Sunday. Coach King assembled two teams of wrestlers that dominated both of their pools; leading them both into their Gold Brackets as well as being the only teams to place from Illinois.

Jr. Raiders on the Elementary lineup were 45 lbs. Aidan “Spider” Schowlin (2-1) and 100 lbs. Jacob Mumm (2-3).
For the Middle School Lineup congratulations to our very own 135 lbs. Baylor Fernandes for receiving Outstanding Wrestler for pinning all 5 of his opponents in the shortest amount of time.
89 lbs. Dylan Burnoski, 115 lbs. Jacob Dado, and Hwt. Ronald Tucker went 5- 0. 90 lbs. Jimmy Pierandozzi and 119 lbs. Corey Sapp went 4-1. 75lbs. Javen Estrada, 85 lbs. Matt Ramos, and 126lbs. David Delgado went 2-3.

Special thanks to Coach Ryan King (King Select) for the opportunity to compete alongside King Select; always a fun time and class act of wrestlers. Thank you to Tony Pierandozzi for volunteering to work the tables and to both Jay Estrada and Jim Fernandes for coaching the team.

For complete divisional lineups and individual match details visit

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Headlock Holiday Bash Recap

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I would like to congratulate the boys that competed in the Holiday Bash in Addison. We had 26 of our wrestlers compete and 20 of them were in the finals, and 11 wrestlers took 1st place at this years event. Champions included Devin Aguirre, Ashton Breen, Conor Colbert, Nick Gantt, Jean-Luc Guerra, Cameron Hargrove, Jimmy Lalezas, Michael Major, Robert Major, Jake Mensik, and Diego Segura. Runner up champs included Mathew Aguirre, Dominic Hargrove, Jacob Liberatore, Luke Liberatore, Azeal Martinez, Marcus Poe, Xevion Rolle, Emiliano Segura, and Conor Smetena. All of our wrestlers did an outstanding job today! GO RAIDERS!