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Midget state

Posted by Laura Donckers at Jan 20, 2014 12:41PM PST ( 0 Comments )

We have a block of 10 rooms reserved for Midget State March 21-23, 2014. at the Wingate by Wyndham in Champaign. Please call 217-355-5566 to reserve your room for this event. The room rate for group is 109.00 per night and includes complimentary breakfast. To get group rate book under Jr. raiders for discount.


What a weekend for our Bolingbrook Jr. Raiders. First, 14 wrestlers traveled to Oklahoma to participate in the Suplay Tulsa Nationals Saturday and Sunday. Competition was fierce as usual but the Jr. Raiders rose to the occasion. Overall, the Bolingbrook Jr. Raiders placed 8th out of 397 represented teams. Congratulations to the 12 and Under Division for making the Bolingbrook Jr. Raiders Team National Champions in their division for the first time. A special honorary mention goes to Dylan Burnoski who, prior to suffering an injury, was winning over all of his opponents and dominating the field. We wish you a speedy recovery.

6 and Under Division
49 lbs – Jean Luc Guerra
8 and Under Division
61lbs – David Mayora
64 lbs – Troy Mutz
10 and Under Division
76 lbs – Jacob Liberatore
12 and Under Division
70 lbs – Matthew Ramos
76 lbs – Kaleb Thompson
80 lbs – Jimmy Pierandozzi (6th)
84 lbs – Dylan Burnoski (injury)
100 lbs – Fidel Mayora (3rd)
110 lbs – Baylor Fernandes (2nd)
145 lbs – Vince Ochoa
Hwt – Ronald Tucker (2nd)
15 and Under Division
135 lbs – Juwan Robinson (3rd)
200 lbs – Jacob Ramos (5th)

Click to see each round results by division

Next, we traveled south to Springfield, IL were 25 wrestlers participated in the Jon Davis Kids Open Sunday. Wrestling began at 9:30 am and the last match ended approximately 7:30 pm. Most of wrestlers placed in the top 5. Congratulations to the following Jr. Raiders who took 1st place in their bracket/division.

5 & 6 R 52-53 – Michael Major
7 & 8 B 43-44 – Aiden (AJ) Villar
7 & 8 H 48-48 A – Josh Vasquez
7 & 8 SS 63-64 A – Rylan Breen
11 & 12 R 89-91 – Ashton Breen
13 & 14 F 93-94 – Tyler Krause
Intermediate Elite 74 – Nain Vazquez
Intermediate Elite 79 – Robert Major
Novice Elite 79 lbs – Alex Villar

*_*All Other Placers*_*
Girls F 74-77 – Alexandra Krestel (2nd)
5 & 6 E 43-44A – Devin Aguirre (3rd)
5 & 6 O 49-50 – Marcus Poe (3rd)
5 & 6 V 61-62 – Jesse Palomar (2nd)
7 & 8 A 38-40 – Aidan Scholwin (3rd)
7 & 8 M 50-50 – Ryan Krestel (2nd)
7 & 8 BB 49-49 – Colin Kacena (2nd)
9 & 10 BB 90-94 – Gavin Jones (5th)
13 & 14 Y 96-97 – Frankie Fisher (2nd)
13 & 14 Z 96-98 – Xevion Rolle (2nd)
Novice Elite 62 – Matthew Aguirre (4th)
Novice Elite 66 – Nick Gantt (3rd)
Novice Elite 95 – Azael Martinez (5th)
Senior Elite 108 – Corey Sapp (4th)
Honorary Mentions
Senior Elite 115 – Tyler Krestel
9 & 10 M 68-70 – Jalen Aguirre

Click to see each round results by division

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Raiders Win The Bob Jahn Memorial Team Title

Posted by Elias Medina at Jan 14, 2014 1:14PM PST ( 0 Comments )

I would like to congratulate all of the wrestlers who competed this weekend in our tournament. We had 54 wrestlers compete, 28 of those wrestlers made it to the finals, and 22 of them won individual titles. Here are your champions Devin Aguirre, Ashton Breen, Rylan Breen, Dylan Burnoski, Jean-Luc Guerra, Ryan Krestel, Jacob Liberatore, Michael Major, Robert Major, Azael Martinez, David Mayora, Fidel Mayora, James Pierandozzi, Marcus Poe, Mathew Ramos, Juwan Robinson, Corey Sapp, Aidan Scholwin, Ronald Tucker, Nain Vazquez, AJ Villar and Alex Villar. Here are your runner up champions Baylor Fernandes, Gavin Jones, Colin Kacena, Mason Patrick, Ison Robinson, and Sebastaion Shered. Congratulations to all of the wrestlers, we won the team title 10 scorers = 10 Champions! Go Raiders!

Congratulations to all the wrestlers who participated at the Midwest Classic Tournament. Many of our boys battled hard for our 2nd place team finish. Top Honors to both Javin Estrada for coming from behind to pin his opponent for 1st place and Ronald Tucker who consistently rises to the occasion to pull out a win.

Team Results by Weight
1st Place – Javen Estrada (Midwest 66lbs)
6th Place – Matthew Ramos (Midwest 70lbs)
4th Place – Alex Villar (Midwest 79lbs)
2nd Place – Jimmy Pierandozzi (Midwest 84lbs)
3rd Place – Baylor Fernandes (Midwest 108lbs)
4th Place – Corey Sapp (Midwest 115lbs)
3rd Place – Donovan Ford (Midwest 189lbs)
1st Place – Ronald Tucker (Midwest 215lbs)
3rd Place – Jacob Ramos (Midwest 215lbs)

Honorable mentions to:
55lb – Matthew Aguirre
58lb – Elias Medina
66lb – Nick Gantt
74lb – Jacob England
79lb – Jacob Liberatore
95lb – Azael Martinez
115lb – Tyler Krestel

For complete tournament highlights visit the Elite
Tournament page on the team website

Raiders Make It 2 Years In A Row At Dekalb

Posted by Elias Medina at Dec 30, 2013 5:37AM PST ( 0 Comments )

For the second year in a row, the Junior Raiders won the team title at the Arch Richoz Elite in DeKalb. We had 8 kids in the Finals and 7 wrestlers came home with a title. Mathew Aguirre won the 55lb title and pinning all 3 opponents on the day,Matt Ramos won the 70lb bracket, Alex Villar won a close match vs. his teammate Kaleb Thompson, Jimmy Pierandozzi won his 2nd DeKalb title by pinning his opponent in the finals, Dylan Burnoski also won his 2nd title, Juwan Robinson bumped up a weight class to win the 147lb bracket and was named Outstanding Wrestler, Jacob Ramos won the 215lb bracket, and Ronald Tucker won the HWT division. Here is the link to all of the results

I was very impressed with all of our wrestlers and look forward to next weeks elite event in Tinley Park. Go Raiders!