Elementary and Middle School Border Wars National All Star Duals

Posted by Bolingbrook Junior Raiders on Dec 29 2014 at 12:45PM PST

Congratulations to King Select and the Bolingbrook Jr. Raiders for placing 3rd (22 teams) and 2nd (19 teams) Place in the Elementary and Middle School Border Wars National All Star Duals in Battle Creek, Michigan Sunday. Coach King assembled two teams of wrestlers that dominated both of their pools; leading them both into their Gold Brackets as well as being the only teams to place from Illinois.

Jr. Raiders on the Elementary lineup were 45 lbs. Aidan “Spider” Schowlin (2-1) and 100 lbs. Jacob Mumm (2-3).
For the Middle School Lineup congratulations to our very own 135 lbs. Baylor Fernandes for receiving Outstanding Wrestler for pinning all 5 of his opponents in the shortest amount of time.
89 lbs. Dylan Burnoski, 115 lbs. Jacob Dado, and Hwt. Ronald Tucker went 5- 0. 90 lbs. Jimmy Pierandozzi and 119 lbs. Corey Sapp went 4-1. 75lbs. Javen Estrada, 85 lbs. Matt Ramos, and 126lbs. David Delgado went 2-3.

Special thanks to Coach Ryan King (King Select) for the opportunity to compete alongside King Select; always a fun time and class act of wrestlers. Thank you to Tony Pierandozzi for volunteering to work the tables and to both Jay Estrada and Jim Fernandes for coaching the team.

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